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"Be like a flower 
and turn your 
face to the sun."
- Kahlil Gibran
Henna For Hair
​I first found henna, in a colorful tin in the hair care aisle at the Pathmark Drug Store in the Walt Whitman Mall in 1979.
It was perhaps the most unique item in all the mall, 
and at the time, the most natural item in the shampoo isle.

I followed the directions, mixed and applied the henna, and found my dark brown hair became more vibrant, radiant and luxurious with this one simple application. 
And I have been using it ever since. 
I did try hair dye, but discovered i was allergic. 
So today i can tell you, from 30 plus years of personal 
henna use- both for the hair and tattoo-
Henna brings up the natural beauty in a woman
with out dangers of the toxic chemical world...

Henna thickens the hair, also adding a
radiant auburn/red glow. It penetrates the shaft of the hair,
 it does not merely color it.
It has a very soothing energy and
 brings up the hidden beauty
(shringar) of women.
Henna comes in a variation of colors.
How it will look on you depends on
what shade of henna you may use, 
how you may mix it,
and how it works with what shade of hair you have.

It is said henna is Gods gift to women...

By using henna(red), cassia(blonde) and/or Indigo(Dark brown),
 you can attain a natural color for your hair...
All are great for conditioning & keeping
 your hair lively and fresh- 
not worn out from over use of heavy metal chemicals. 
                                 (Imagine how anything can grow and be healthy
                                            if your always rubbing chemicals into it!)

Henna, Cassia and Indigo are plants... 
so you are also supporting small farmers, 
not chemical factories. 
So the earth also benefits.

Wear the henna for an hour to three hours,
Rinse with warm water, shampoo and conditioner.
Style as usual!
​There is no exact color when you henna your hair, so unlike hair dye, you get a color unique to your hair and henna used.

Consultations are free. 
call 631-629-4140

Dont do full henna paste all the time. 
Alternate with root touch ups and rinse(watery henna rinse).
Or try alternating henna powder and Brasil Henna Creme.

Basically, 1 part henna + 2 parts hot water = henna paste.
There are many different shades of henna, 
and recipes to get varying shades from any henna.  
Our henna recipe is available with purchase of any of our fresh organic henna powders in stock at our shop!
Gloves and Hair cap included!



Yes, it covers gray, leaving a hue of henna according to what henna you use.

Yes, you can- most peoples hair can handle this, but if you switch back and forth too much, your hair could becomeweakened.  Natural shampoos extra moisturizing is essential. Give the hair dye a couple of weeks to wear out a bit before applying.

If your hair is black to dark brown, you will get a henna red sheen. 
If your hair is light brown to blonde, you can get a range of blondish-orange-red tones, depending on what shade of henna you choose. 
Each henna is a bit different and manufactures sell different shades.

​The downside of henna in hair is that it permanently binds to the keratin in your hair in 
an orange kind of way.  
 you will not be able to dye your hair lighter: The only way to get henna out without bleaching your hair repeatedly is to grow it out.  Some have reported that Colorfix might strip it out with minimal to no damage.  Some orange will remain. 
 you can dye your hair darker, it will cover the henna, though the hair texture may be different.


Brazilian Henna Creme-
A convenient go to, ready to go in applicator bottle.
I find this pre-mix faster and easier. Wear @40 mins.
Custom mix colors or you can use one from the box.
You can do it easily at home, 
Recap the bottle and use any leftover 
 for touch ups to gray around your temple.
Great for getting Dark Brown and Black shades, 
a safer hair color.

Henna Powder 
Thickens the hair, adding a deep reddish orange hue.
Needs prep mixing, needs to be worn @two hours.
We can apply it for you and you wash it out at home.
More commercialized powders can have additives. 
These may be treated with additives like salts, ppd and pesticides, that can dry out hair. 
. We sell fresh henna in vacuum sealed packages, that we buy fresh harvested from India.

This is a natural dye used the turn the hair dark brown/black.
These are the fermented leaves of the indiga plant, made into a
 powder. It needs henna as a base in your hair.
Leaves a dark sheen with a blue hue to the hair

CASSIA: Neutral or Blonde Henna:
This is a conditioner for blonde hair. 
If you leave it on for two hours, you get a thicker more enlivened 
version of your hair. Put in overnight, and your gray
 hair will have a lovely blonde tint.

If you are choosing henna for your hair, it is best NOT to use the standard drugstore shampoo.  YOu want to restore your hairs oils not strip them.
From my experience it is best to use:

Monthly Coconut Oil or Olive Oil Treatments:
Apply a tablespoon for short, two or three or more for long hair before sleep for the night. Cover with a shower cap. Its very calming to sleep in.
 Wash out in the morning to a very soft feeling hair.

Call us at 631 935 2714! Wear It in Happiness!


You can henna the eyebrows, but it is orange for the first day, darker the second and will fade with in a week. The skin on the face is very thin and does not hold henna well.
​Supplies available at our shop.  If you are having health issues and need to pen in your eyebrows, this looks like a clever alternative:

​​At a henna program i was teaching, a woman went on with a story of how 
after 20 years in USA, she went back to her 
home village in India and discovered how 
vibrant and thick her friends hair was.
Her old friends stayed with the natural ways of 
rejuvenating the hair and scalp with oils, 
and using natural coloring, such as henna, and natural shampoo.
Hers was thin and weak - attributed to her use of commercial chemical 
processing and chemical based shampoos
 destroying her scalp and hair health. 

Have you ever checked the list of ingredients on the box of hair dye?
Have you ever wondered why they call it hair/die?? Well for the chemically sensitive you will find allergic reactions 
most notably caused by PPD, 
the black chemical para-phenylenediamine dye 
that is extremely hazardous to your health. It is linked to asthma, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, lupus, and bladder cancer, as well as causing hair loss and horrific allergic reactions. 
Blistering scalp and red lumps around the neck and shoulder are signs your allergic to hair dye.  

​Carcinogens in a box of hair color:
Labeled Toxic Ingredients:
QUATERNlUM-15, Formaldehyde-releaser; carcinogenic; neurotoxic; contact dermatitis and sensitizer.
DIETHANOLAMINE (DEA), Carcinogenic; also interacts with nitrites to form a carcinogenic nitrosamine.
PHENYLENE-DIAMINES, Includes carcinogens and other ingredients inadequately tested for carcinogenicity; contact dermatitis.
PROPYLENE GLYCOL, Contact dermatitis.
FRAGRANCE, Wide range of undisclosed ingredients; contact dermatitis.

NOTE: Also evidence of causal relation to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other cancers.