Mommy Mandalas 
& Baby Belly Blessings

Mommy Mandalas, Baby Blessing Belly, Maternity Henna, whatever you call it, its a special way of
 sharing with your Baby to Be...

Here in The LI/NYC area where i 
have worked as a henna artist for the past 15 years,
 Mommy Mandalas have developed 
as a way to celebrate this time.
Some Moms even have a henna party for each pregnancy.

The Mom in these pictures was given a Gift Certificate from her Family in Colorado. makes a great alternative baby gift!

You can choose your design, or we can collaborate to develop one for you, that custom fits your needs.

It's a time to celebrate and care for the expectant Mother, and enjoy an art form that is soothing and gentle, mysterious and beautiful.

We include a photo of your hennaed belly...  

I use a fresh mixed organic henna- made in shop,  with hot water, and essential oils.
​One of my clients for the belly designs was worried about the henna on the belly affecting the baby. One Mommy Mandala client was a registered nurse, and she had "no worry about the henna getting thru the placenta wall, or effecting the baby since nothing can get thru the placenta wall!"

contact us today for more info.
631-935-2714 ask for Trudy.
All the Best,

Henna Happiness.

"Some rituals surprise in the heart-warming department," 
Morisette explained of the design.
Trudy-Sita is also a practicing Astrologer, 
To find out the Planets
 near the time of your Birthing Date,
or your New Babies Birth Info,